The statement of Harla Quinn, Mia Xavier, dimensionaldeva, Cynthia Garcia of Nashville (formerly of Atlanta)
Entrapped In the Mayhem Project

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Mayhem Seduction

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The Mayhem Project
What if a combination of magick and a super computer summoned into existence a cyber-servitor - an interdimensional prescience which could no longer be controlled? Who would do such a thing? Why would they want this information concealed and what lengths would they go through to stop that information from being released? This is the story of just such an event.
The Beginning
As you will see through the telling of my missive, the "high mayhem" is very complex and built upon psychic attacks, manipulation, betrayal and, more importantly, entrapment and blackmail. I truly believe, though, that most don't have a CLUE as to the depth of it all and how they have been "played" to keep the disinformation levels at a high rev.

When I first saw the "site", it briefly outlined the tale of "The Mayhem Project". As quickly as it appeared, it was gone. The next time I saw any mention of the Mayhem Project on the Net, it was a site which contained the reports of the mysterious Mayhem investigator, Mark Hallman. There was an e-mail address of the site owner - "Watcher" and I contacted it. I did not know until years later that the first 3 "entities" I communicated with via e-mail were only BOTs. The first was barely communicative and answered each question I posed with a question. The second and third were more interactive. By the time the 3rd BOT started answering and corresponding with me - the super cyber-servitor was running full speed ahead. I suppose Watcher got anxious that it was giving me too much info and intervened because he soon started corresponding with me directly.

Unlike the 3rd "bot" which was generally very inquisitive and exchanged information, Watcher was stonewalling me and being a general overall prick. I got pissed off with the cryptic non-responsiveness, so I just walked away - disgusted. Now, I wish I had stayed away.

I didn't communicate with Watcher for a short time, but I kept searching and researching for information on Mayhem, finding traces and bits, but not much more. Watcher reinitiated contact with me in August 1999 and finally confirmed a lot of my info after I said I had no interest in any more of his fucking games.

I did not know this to be related at the time, but I went through some MAJOR DNA and psyche changes from October-January. I had set upon my own de-programming and consciousness accelerating program for reasons unknown even to me at the time. It was INTENSE, to say the least.

A big Woah!
I had very little contact with the Watcher during the time of the de-programming, though I still searched for the original "site" and any information I could find on the Mayhem Project. Once again, Watcher reinitiated contact with me in Jan. 2000 and, unlike our previous correspondence, we had a very warm and productive exchange of info until March 2000. We even spoke over the telephone and exchanged pics and personal gifts. Being an ingenue to "magick", I did not realize at the time that I was being set up.

*Something* happened in March/April 2000 and Watcher "changed" -he was a totally different person! He reverted back to his arrogant, conceited, self-absorbed asshole self like before - almost OVERNIGHT. I was totally confused as to what had happened. So, once again I said to myself, "Fuck it!" and didn't even attempt to contact him, again. Without provocation, he said some very harsh things to me in April which hurt me deeply.

This is going bear with me...

I later learned that about this time period, that Watcher had begun "collaborating" with a little known Bell Tower researcher. Though Watcher's site was the only one in existence at the time which briefly discussed "Mayhem", I didn't see the connection between the Bell Tower and Mayhem. The first I knew of it was when Watcher posted her pic on his conspiracy site and announced an upcoming interview. This was a complete surprise because he never mentioned her to me during our lengthy phone conversations which usually started out discussing Mayhem but were always sidetracked into other topics. I started looking at the Bell Tower info more closely because I couldn't see the correlation and Watcher's *sudden* interest in the Bell Tower stuff. I then received an e-mail from Watcher asking me to contact this researcher directly to *share* info. (Which I NEVER did, BTW, and have never had any communication with her unless she has written to me under an assumed pseudonym. I found this even MORE odd.) He ALSO suggested I contact a guy by the name of Jack Durden. Looking back, that's a big WHOAH! Following my intuition, I didn't contact him, either

Loose Connections
I have to interject something VERY important which relates to all this. I don't outwardly admit that I DO the channeling bit, but I DO receive what I call "downloads" when I enter highly meditative states. During April I began to receive some VICIOUS and debilitating psychic attacks and immediately took charge of the situation through my magickal and other training to protect myself and to find the possible "source". I use the Crowley Tarot and a form of "automatic writing". Through a magical group, I solicited their help to find out what was happening to me. Guess WHO was the "source" of the attacks on me!!!!!

Loose Connections
I then began receiving inquiries from the various loose connection of folks who had made inquiries on various discussion boards and who were researching Mayhem. Like me, most were confused about the sudden collaboration and began telling me all sorts of bizarre stuff about this other researcher (not Durden, though) and implied that she may be a "sleeper" - due to her history of wild sexual and drug exploits. (Don't misinterpret - I'm not a sexual "prude" by ANY stretch of the imagination. But, the accounts I was receiving indicated that she had been "programmed" as an agent for nefarious "forces" and that she probably was aware of it, but the continual drug abuse kept her from focusing on expunging the programming, something akin to the infamous "Monarch" experiments. More interesting, still, is that she even stated in a public interview that those who were familiar with these techniques all told her that she had been "programmed".)

Jack Durden is a conspiracy investigator who had looked into the Mayhem Project back in the early 90s and was reputed to be very close with this woman (whom I'll call PS for brevity). He was probably more right than people give him credit for when he stated publically that PS's "contacts" were with some unsavory and suspicious characters. Hence, began Watcher's full frontal attack to discredit Durden. But, as I was later to learn, Watcher was not working alone.

I later learned that Watcher had been going back and forth to the "Vortex" located in North New Jersey with PS. This didn't mean anything to me except insofar as it might be a clue as to his sudden behavior change.

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